Sweet Treats

IMG_1128Thanks to an anonymous donor 240 boxes of assorted girl scout cookie were delivered to Ottawa Friendship House. All the cookies were divided up and sent to all of our residential homes and the rest were enjoyed at break times on campus.



February Events

Developmental Training Program

2/13 6:30 pm Painting Class in the Galley  $10 Fee per person

2/14 9:30am  Reading and Signing at Opportunity School

2/14 1:30  Valentines Dance

2/15 1:30  YMCA Activity Groups

2/19 Main Campus Closed for President’s Day

2/21 FH Buddies at McKinley School

Disability Etiquette Resources

Why practice Disability Etiquette?

  • Good business sense
  • Easy way to make people with disabilities feel welcome
  • Everyone can feel more comfortable and interact more productively and effectively

Resources: National Organization on Disabilities  http://www.nod.org

American Association of People with Disabilities http://www.aapd.org

Illinois Valley Center for Independent Living http://www.ivcil.com

Remember that people with disabilities, like all people are experts on themselves.

Adults with disabilities want to be treated as independent people.

Don’t assume everyone with disabilities needs assistance. Ask before you help.

See and address the person first not the disability for example, “person who uses a wheelchair” not a”wheelchair-bound person”