Goals of this program include:

  • Providing consumers a clean, safe, and comfortable residence
  • Offering individuals an opportunity for participation in the community
  • Fostering a setting with the greatest degree of choice and independence
  • Developing & strengthening social, recreational, vocation & daily living skills

Residential staff will coordinate training, tailored to the consumer’s needs and choices, to help the individual transition into semi-independent or eventual independent living. Areas of guidance and training include the following:

Food purchase and preparation • Housekeeping
Interpersonal relationships • Money management
Personal grooming and care • Self-administration of medication
Use of community resources

Supervision and guidance will be provided in proportion to the needs of the resident. This will afford the residents maximum independence and personal satisfaction. A minimum amount of supervision will be provided by support staff. The following options are available to consumers:

On-Campus Housing

There are currently four on-campus homes for semi-independent adults who are able to provide for many of their daily living needs. Four adults live in each home and have the support of a resident aide who also resides on campus. For many, this can be a bridge to independent living. Only private pay is accepted for room and board.

Off-Campus Living

Intermediate Care Facilities: 

Sullivan House is a 16 bed home licensed under the department of public health. Sullivan provides 24 hour care which includes the support of a trained staff, nurse, housekeeper, cook, direct support staff and on site case manager.

Community Integrative Living Arrangement

McCormick House is a 6 individual home in Ottawa which is licensed by Department of Human Services. Residents of McCormick House are within walking distance to the downtown area and can have easy assess to shopping, parks and community events. Staff is present at all times when residents are home.

Glenwood House is an 8 bedroom home in Streator which is licensed by the Department of Human Services. Each individual has their own bedroom. The home is staffed when residents are home.

2018 residents will begin to occupy the newly renovated 7 bedroom home in Ottawa. This home will be staffed at all times when the residents are home. Staffing levels are determined by the needs of the residents.

Assistance with Activities

Consumers are offered assistance with participating in leisure and recreational activities.

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