Utica Fireside White Sox Club Presentation

Utica Fireside White Sox Club

Utica Fireside White Sox Club 2015 present a Check for $800 to Beth Mangold Executive Director and Steve a consumer and number one Sox Fan.

Again this year the Utica Fireside White Sox Club makes local donation.  Since being organized in 2007. the club has now donated over $25,000 to local charities. This year donations will be made to Lighted Way, Ottawa Friendship House, Utica Fire Department, and Waltham Boy Scouts.
Another donation will be presented before Christmas time, which will bring the total for the year around $3,400.
All this is made possible through the sale of raffle tickets and support of the Chicago White Sox this past summer.

MBL presents Consumers with Tee Shirts

MBL Shirts

Employees of MBL present Consumers with MBL Tee Shirts

The consumers were thrilled when  employees of MBL toured the workshop and then presented all the consumers with MBL Tee Shirts.

MBL has provided the consumers with paid work opportunities since 1992. By creating opportunities for work and earning a paycheck, it has created greater independence for the consumers.

Agency Highlights (Spring ’15)

  • Developmental Training program receives perfect score on Department of Human Services survey.
  • 21 Marquette students provided Christian service hours at OFH. Some of the students participated in classroom activities with the consumers, and others did a wonderful job spring cleaning our cafeteria.
  • Consumers in the residential program enjoyed a pizza outing with Marquette students through the Bridge to Friendship Program.
  • 29 consumers participated in the Spring Track and Field Events at the Special Olympics in Spring Valley. 14 qualified to participate at the State Olympics on June 12 and 13.
  • Staff and consumers volunteered at an aid station for the Starved Rock Country Marathon.
  • 9 IVCC nursing students completed 4 hours of observation at OFH.
  • Illinois Department of Public Health survey of Glenwood House received a perfect score.